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We strip away the complexities of traditional approach on digital solutions, allowing you to focus on what matters most - Your Vision

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Traditional approach
can take months, if not years, of coding and testing.

Not to mention, it demands a substantial capital investment and a team of highly skilled developers. This process is time-consuming, costly, and out of reach for many businesses trying to expand their digital presence quickly and cost-effectively.

From idea to launch in record time

Digital solutions isn't just about developing applications, we focus on accelerating your business flows. That too with no compromise on delivery speeds.

Elevate your Business with NoCode:
Fast, Scalable, Future-Proof

Fast Turnaround Time

We deliver fully operational digital solutions in a matter of days, making long timelines a thing of the past.

No-Code Expertise

Our unique no-code approach accelerates the transitions from ideas to solutions up to 15x times faster.

In a world of Generalists,
we are the Specialists..


Integrating third party services or to existing systems, can be a big hassle. Our experts have vast experience in a wide variety of integrations and system migrations. Where others said 'NO', we get excited to solve that challenge for you!

Rapid Prototyping

Still using old-school slides & mock-ups? Why not build a working prototype and validate your assumptions from target users! Get your working prototype ready in a matter of days.


We are happy to help you explore and structure your demands and opportunities. With your business processes and users as a starting point, we guide you to concrete plans and start building on the spot!

Web applications

Enterprise grade applications as a total cloud solution, with the option of private cloud or ‘on-premise’. Beautifully designed, in line with your brand guidelines, multi-language support, meets the highest safety standards and yet seemlessly fits to your unique business process flows.

Mobile apps

Want to extend your digital solutions as mobile applications? No problem! Get your solutions to iOS and Android as native apps. GPS, camera, push messages, device specific process flows, and more..


A great user experience is key to a digital solution's long term user adoption. We provide tailored UX/UI for your applications focusing on high productivity and high user adoption models.

Don't take our word for it,
check out the amazing results

We take pride in turning imaginative concepts into groundbreaking realities. Discover our featured projects where creativity meets passion.

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Partner Ecosystem

Technology, Creativity and Expertise in one place.
Learn more about our partners, their unique value propositions and why we believe they are the best!

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What our Clients say about us..

"Webbit21 really understood our wishes and came up with effective and practical solutions."

Herman Berk

Chairman, Owners Association G. J. Rutgers

"It was a great collaboration. I indicated what I wanted, and it was built in no time."

Madelon Eelderink

Founder, SevenSenses

"Structured thinking & excellent problem solving skills. Excellent rapport with other team members, gelled very well."

Sudhir Dipankar

Project Manager, Tech Mahindra

"Our internal team estimated 5-6 months to build this application. But your team stepped in and delivered it in 3 weeks, and with a lot more features."

Menno Peters

Product Owner, Carwash PickUP

"They are extremely expertised in realizing solutions. Their inexhaustible energy and commitment is one of the biggest factors that made this project a success."

Alexander Plooij

Co-Founder, Culture Channel TV

"Webbit21 consultants are true business partners. They think ahead, come up with innovative solutions and helped us to grow our business."

David Veenman

CEO, Cuble E-Learning Platform

"Webbit21 was able to deliver a first concept of the app in less than 24 hours! They have the technical knowledge to build the solution, but also the know how to implement medical formulas in the app."

Pim Ruijter

Co-founder, VentiCalc

"Their ability to grasp real life issues and provide a digital solution for it was tremendous. And at break-neck speed, too!"

Koos Ris

Founder, SHINE Health

"Webbit21 .. migrated our outdated system to a modern, future proof web application. We are very happy with their approach and speed of delivery."

Dick Bogers

Chairman, Nationale Bond EHBO

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Idea Into Reality
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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure where to start. What is a good first step?

Best way to get clarity is to talk to an expert.

Try to prepare the following before your discussion with an expert:
What problems are you trying to solve?
-  Why is it important to you personally?
-  Why is it important for your organisation to address this?
-  What are the expected timelines for delivering this solution?

Pro tip:
Asking a traditional programmer will most likely, give you the wrong answers 😅

Which approach suits my solution - NoCode, LowCode or FullCode?

All three technology streams have their own advantages and disadvantages. There is no champion that wins and takes it all. Depending on the solution’s time to market, future growth plans, user engagements, integrations, etc., technology streams are selected which ticks most of the requirements and still delivers them at the fastest time possible. This can be just a single stream or even hybrid approaches.

Talking to an expert can help you choose the right technology stream and approach.

What is NoCode / LowCode?

“NoCode implies that there is no programming involved. Low code implies that there is still some programming  involved.” 
~ The NoCode Revolution, by Christof van der Heidi and Bertil Schaart, Webbit21.

We believe a much clearer distinction can be made between NoCode and LowCode when we look at the primary users who use these tools. Someone without a programming or coding background can still excel in NoCode and build complex enterprise grade applications. For LowCode, someone with a good coding background can only build complex enterprise grade solutions and excel in such platforms.

You can also think of NoCode and LowCode in the context of LEGO blocks. NoCode provides you with all necessary LEGO blocks to create very creative and spectacular results. While LowCode provides opportunities where you can create your own LEGO blocks using some programming knowledge. So instead of 100 lines of code, LowCode helps you to reduce that to 5-10 lines of custom code.

Having said that, we believe it is hard to picture a black and white view when it comes to creating such “LEGO” blocks. Many NoCode based platforms, also allow a certain level of LowCoding to provide lot of flexibilities to address many border case scenarios.

Can using NoCode / LowCode improve my team's productivity?

Quick answer - Definitely!

Most of the time, a quick and dirty digital automation, built in a few days can help save hundreds of hours lost in low productivity, mundane tasks. But in some cases, implementing a digital solution for 'a problem that doesn’t exist' will end up losing your team’s current productivity.

Talking to an expert can help you to quantify productivity impact of new digital solutions.

How long does it take to build my solution?

Depending on your preparedness, clarity on problem statements and complexity of the end product solution, it can vary from just days to weeks. Webbit21's unique No-Code approach deliver results in weekly 'Super Sprints'. This way we make sure to deliver results every 1 or 2 days and power pack our weekly Sprints with tangible results.

For new Clients, we advise on doing a "Webbit21 Introduction" training, so that you can keep up with our Super Sprint's speed of delivery. In this training we will cover, Webbit21's 'No Nonsense' approach, how to prepare and plan for super sprints, problem solver thinking, efficiently collect & incorporate user feedback, productivity hacks and more..

Our experts can help you get a feel on deliverable timelines for your solution.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us for any queries

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